I, Drleevezan, have adopted this wiki, and am now bureaucrat and admin here. To help with the cleanup of this wiki, I am implementing a few new rules. Repeated failure to follow these rules after warning will result in the user being banned from the wiki.

New Rules as of 5/2/18

No Fanfiction

In the past, there has been an abundance of pages about fanfiction created here. This is unnecessary and only serves to confuse readers of this wiki. All fanfiction pages have been deleted, and no more are to be created. There will also be no mentions of fanfiction on other pages.

No linking to RangerWiki

In the past, pages have linked to similar pages on the unrelated, non-Wikia hosted RangerWiki. All links of this sort have been removed, and no more should be added.

Articles should be written from an in-universe perspective

Articles should be written as if they are miniature in-universe biographies of the thing involved. Out-of-universe content may only be written in the Behind-the-scenes section, and, optionally, in the Appearances section.

What things should have pages

Only characters that are important to the Chip 'n Dale franchise should have an article created about them (for example, there is a page on Donald Duck, but a page on Scrooge McDuck should not be created. For things like that, see a wiki dedicated to the subject of the extended Disney Universe, such as the Scrooge McDuck Wiki or the Duckburg Wiki). If you are not sure if something should have a page or not, contact me about it on my talk page.

If your edit is changed

If you make an edit, and it is changed by an admin, there may very well be a good reason for that. Do not revert the edit, instead, ask the admin who changed it why they did it. Perhaps they will see your point and change it back, or perhaps you will see their's. Reverting the edit is pointless and just leads to edit wars.

And that's all. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact me