Fat Cat is a semi-anthropomorphic cat. He is the archenemy of the Rescue Rangers.


Fat Cat is a gangster-like cat with a blue and purple coat. Fat Cat once belonged to the crime lord Aldrin Klordane . Fat Cat became independent after Klordane's incarceration, thus becoming a fully-fledged crime boss of his own.

Some of Fat Cat's schemes have revolved around stealing valuable gems such as pearls or rubies, and he has claimed that trinkets like these are what he feels he deserves, because of his refinery and his aristocratic manner and lifestyle. Other schemes and general crimes of his include stealing, property damage, breaking and entering, kidnapping, and running an illegal gambling establishment.

Fat Cat has a group of henchmen that work for him. The group consists of a cat named Mepps, a lizard named Wart , a mole simply named Mole, and a rat named Snout . These four prove to be unintelligent which aggravates Fat Cat, but are still useful nonetheless.

Fat Cat has also hired other henchmen in the past, such as a parakeet named Binky Boy and his gang of thieving parakeets.

Behind the scenes

Fat Cat first appeared in To the Rescue.